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The late President George H.W. Bush was laid in state in the U.S. Capitol rotunda Monday in a bipartisan ceremony of mourning and remembrance.

The ceremony included some of the biggest players in national politics and the presidential administration, but it also included a four-footed friend of the former president.

On Tuesday morning, George H.W. Bush’s service dog was brought into the US Capitol to lie next to his former master’s casket. The service dog is named Sully. Sully served as Bush’s service dog in the months after his wife’s death earlier in the year. Sully, a yellow labrador service dog, was a comfort to the late Bush, beloved by the family and even has his own Instagram profile.

Sully was walked near the casket of the late President Bush and laid down next to it according to Getty images of the moment. Sully wore a patriotic service vest and was accompanied by a handler.

Earlier in the week, Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath’s shared a image of Sully sleeping next to the casket with a caption saying, “mission complete.”

H.W. Bush will ultimately be laid to rest at his Presidential Library in Texas.

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