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Abby Johnson’s story of redemption and transformation is truly inspiring. Johnson was once the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, before a shocking event on Sept. 26, 2009, left her fleeing the organization, changing her views on abortion, and becoming one of the nation’s most well-known pro-life speakers. Now, her story will be told in the new feature film, “Unplanned.”

“I … did it to show off God’s story,” Johnson recently told “The Pure Flix Podcast” of her decision to take her personal journey to the big screen.

After all, it’s quite the story. After working at Planned Parenthood for eight years, Johnson not only became a famous pro-life activist, but she also formed a ministry called And Then There Were None — a group that has helped nearly 500 workers leave the abortion industry.

“As of now, we have helped 487 workers leave the clinics and … those workers have closed 21 abortion facilities, because they’ve worked with state officials,” she explained. “They have worked with health departments to go in and close those facilities because of bad practices, medical negligence, whatever it may be.”

Listen to Johnson reveal her entire story, including the moment that changed everything for her:

Johnson told Pure Flix about how she came to work for Planned Parenthood despite being brought up in a pro-life household. Her introduction to the organization came when she met a representative on her college campus and was immediately drawn to all the hot pink colors on the booth’s signage.

“I really didn’t know anything about the organization, so I think I was just really naive and really ignorant to what they were truly selling,” she said. “I wasn’t working from a well-thought out position.”

Johnson said the woman began discussing healthcare and female empowerment and that it sounded reasonable at the time — like something that most people would want to get behind.

Despite knowing that Planned Parenthood was “going against” what she was raised to believe, Johnson proceeded to join the organization and worked her way up the ranks over the years to become one of the youngest clinic directors.

Eventually, though, Johnson said she came to discover more about Planned Parenthood — and that one particularly traumatic event pushed her over the edge.

Johnson’s relationship with Planned Parenthood was irreparably harmed on Sept. 26, 2009, when she was asked to assist during an abortion. What she saw changed everything.

Watch the trailer for “Unplanned”:

“I just remember being really shocked. I couldn’t believe that I had allowed myself to be so blind to the reality of what was right there,” she said. “I had eagerly believed the lies of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.”

You can find out more about “Unplanned” — and get tickets — here.



  1. Tom

    March 15, 2019 at 5:51 pm

    I worked in a laboratory in the south where large numbers of the results of abortions (aka: products of conception or POC’s) were examined and pathologically described, known as gross discriptions. A huge contract was negotiated for these services with multiple Planned Parenthood Clinics. The volumn was almost over whelming to our staff, many of who were Catholic. This service was sold as a lost leader as a trade off for other more expensive lab services. I finally talked management of the lab into ditchiching this non-profit service due to the emotion, moral and an over taxing workload for the number of staff. Mangagement did not want to hire additional staff to process these specimens. Therefore, the decision to no longer handle these specimen was not a hard sell.
    I witnessed some the most heart breaking, revolting scenes of daily hundreds of eviserated, mangled fetal body parts that gave us all nightmares. This does not even address the guilt we felt by being made to participate in this service to keep our jobs.
    If more people observed what we saw there may be the would be achange in hearts of ‘Pro-choice’ proponents.
    It is easy to support something when one does not personally observe the consequences of their philosophy.

  2. Tom

    March 15, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    Correction: If more people observed what we saw maybe there would be a change in the hearts of Pro-choice proponents.

  3. solange Silverman

    March 15, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    The only thing that stopping legal abortions will change is that women’s lives would once again be in danger if they are forced back to knitting needles and back alleys. This is not “pro~life.” You cannot legislate this. Women will continue having abortions whether or not they are legal, and, so, they must have safe access. However, there should be a first trimester cut off. To have the choice in such matters is imperative. Don’t like abortions? Don’t have one. The rest is none of your business.

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