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Former New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson has gone on record detailing what he believes to be a man’s role in preventing abortions.

During Wednesday night’s episode of Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Watson offered host Martha MacCallum an explanation as to how men could help eradicate abortions.

“We’re living in a time, Martha, of abortion on demand,” Watson — an outspoken Christian — explained. “We’re living in a time of relativism. And while I would agree that these happen in very rare instances where someone would wait nine months before having an abortion, the fact still remains that whether it’s at nine months or whether it’s at eight days or 18 days, when the heart is developing, when the baby is breathing, it’s still the same life.”

Watson, 38, added that in addition to championing unborn babies’ rights, there needs to be an advocate for the parents, who may not be in the right state to care for a child, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, or otherwise.

“It’s important to not only be people that stand for abortion as if it’s some sort of political stance — which it kind of turns into sometimes — but be someone that stands for whole life,” he explained. “Be someone that’s willing to support not only this baby that’s coming into the world, but also to support the mother and the father that may be in crisis, whatever they may be going through.”

Watson went on to note that many pro-life people have no problem standing up for unborn babies’ rights but don’t necessarily have enough room in their hearts to realize that the mother may be faced with a difficult decision.

When MacCallum asked Watson about his message for men, Watson didn’t hold back, and said that men — as “protectors” and “providers” — have a unique responsibility in helping to prevent abortions.

“Look, men are in a role of leadership in many areas,” Watson began. “Men are protectors. We are providers.”

“Many women would not be seeking abortions if the men involved in their lives were doing what they were supposed to be doing,” he concluded. “And that’s a challenge to myself, that’s a challenge to all men who are listening, that’s a challenge to men everywhere to step up.”

Watson has long been vocal about his faith.

In 2016, he addressed inclusivity and tolerance, and how feelings (rather than facts) can often trump what actually matters — God’s universal truth.

That same year, Watson talked to Glenn Beck about being a Christian everywhere — not just in church. During the course of the interview, Watson said, “What I’ve found and what Scripture tells us is that your faith is not something on the side, something you carry with you — it is inherently who you are. When you pass from death into the life, you become a new person, and so everything you do flows from that.”

In 2017, Watson offered vocal support for those people demonstrating in the March for Life, giving his own speech at the event. During his speech, the former pro athlete explained, “The reason why I stand for life is because I believe God created all life. And we live in a world that is anti-God in a lot of ways.”

In September, Watson rallied members of the Saints football team (as well as the opposing team) to take a knee on the field — in prayer. He shared the moving photo on his Instagram page, where he captioned it, “Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. #MeetUsAtThe50.”



  1. Barb

    February 9, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    Omgosh!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  2. Grace Joy

    February 9, 2019 at 9:12 pm

    Wonderful breath of fresh air. I’m surprised he hasn’t been condemned & demonized by the Left.

  3. Rebecca Fuller

    February 9, 2019 at 9:24 pm

    Thank you for your honesty and this needs to be shared with everyone.

  4. Tony

    February 9, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    Roe vs Wade has seen to it men have zero say in what happens when a woman gets pregnant. No one ever talks about the effects of pregnancy and abortion on a male. Women not only control the power of life and death of the child. They also control the destiny and fate of the man that impregnated them. If the woman decides to make the man a father he becomes a paycheck for the woman for the next 18 yrs whether he is able to see the child or not. If a man wants to be a father and the woman decides he is not fit or a child doesn’t fit into hr lifestyle she can abort the child and the male has zero power to stop her. This imaginary “War on Women” is a complete joke. Abortion is not a women’s health issue. Abortion is a woman’s lifestyle issue. If a man has zero say in saving the life of his child. He should have zero financial responsibility if a woman decides to have a baby.

  5. Nancy Austin

    February 9, 2019 at 11:32 pm

    Mr. Watson, I am so pleased to see that you are eager to stand up for the unborn. I would also like to add something which it seems you may be unaware.

    There are pregnancy centers all over the country. Their purpose is to support the woman during her pregnancy and to provide her enough information to make a decision about her pregnancy. While some women do not choose life for the baby, many many do, once they realize they have a resource to support them emotionally and physically often for a few years following the baby’s birth. There is no charge for services in most of the centers if not all. Most have maternity clothes, baby clothes and baby equipment. Many have Dad’s support as well. The dads are encouraged to participate. Classes are available in baby care and parenting. The centers absolutely do care about the mother after the birth which is exactly the reason for their existence. Most are supported by the community of churches surrounding the pregnancy center. I hope this information lifts your Christian spirit even higher.

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